Best Options for Financing


Loan Use Education:


Prequalify online without affecting your credit. Check your approvals and budget your project with peace of mind.


Loan Options: 


6 months same as cash:

use in case of emergency when you know you will have money coming in to pay in full in 6 months.


0% 12 months:

use to have an organized and budgeted payment when you need help to spread the cost of the project over 12 months without losing any money on interest.


Traditional Loan:

Enerbank has more flexibility and approval rate better than any traditional bank or credit card. These are equivalent to construction loans - not credit cards or cash loans. Hence better approval and lower interest rates than tradtional banks and definitley better than credit cards.

This option will be the optimum for large scale remodeling projects.



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use listed websites for applications.

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